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Canega, in an exclusive partnership with Capital Signal, is offering the below listed services in Mexico to the Oil & Gas Industry.

Positioning Services

    As-built Survey

    Rig Move & Vessel Positioning Service

    Navigations/QC/Remote Tug Navigation

    Template and Jacket Installation

    Satellite Differential and RTK

    Acoustic Positioning (USBL)

    ROV Support Services

    Pipeline Installation

    Diver & Construction support services

    Dimensional Control Surveys

    Vessel Calibration Services – Gyro & DGPS

    Hydrographic (water) and Topographic (land) Surveys

Geophysical Services

    Pipeline/Cable route surveys

    Site Hazard surveys

    Debris Searches

    Single & Multi-beam Surveys

    Side Scan Sonar Surveys

    Magnonetometer Surveys

    Deep Water Multi-beam Bathymetric

    Shallow Water Hazards

    Hydrographic Surveys

    Dredge QA/QC Consultancy

Geotechnical Services

Marine/Offshore Site Investigations including Platform/Jackup

M.O.D.U. and Pipeline Route Investigations

Transition Zone and Onshore Site Investigations

Standard and Advanced Static Testing

M.O.D.U. (Jack-up) Footing Stability Analysis

Standard and Advanced Static Geotechinical Reporting

General Geotechnical Consultancy Services

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