The pioneer and leader of the offshore oil industry in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico since 1979 and the only Mexican Shipping Company with international presence for more than three decades.

Our Mission

Provide our customer with quality, professional and dependable service and deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Superior service is the means by which we achieve customer satisfaction. Underlying this mission is our Total Commitment to Quality Control, Value and Service Reliability. This commitment is carried out through Canega’s Quality Assurance Program. We want to be your ONE-STOP Shipping Company.

Our Vision

Provide the maritime, oil & gas industries with a wide range of services, while providing outstanding quality service at every level of our organization. Recognize that quality is more than just meeting our client’s basic needs and requirements; the continuous education and training of our experienced personnel with Quality Service in mind and work as a TEAM with our clients to develop strategic alliances and partnerships.

Our Quality Policy

Quality Service is the means of achieving and exceeding the required standards to satisfy the needs and to ensure strict adherence to our Clients requirements for a safe, efficient and cost-effective operation. All of our client commitments, supporting actions and services delivered must be recognized as an expression of CANEGA’s image and its Quality System. We pledge to monitor our performance because to CANEGA; “Quality is a continuous never ending commitment to improvement”.